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Sentry 38 Aluminium Roller Shutter

The Sentry 38 built-on security window and door shutters can be fitted externally or internally to most buildings to provide an effective physical barrier and a deterrent to intruders and thieves.

Designed for higher security domestic, medium security office/commercial use. Manufactured in corrosion-resistant aluminium the slats can be mixed with Sentry 38v punched slat for partial vision and powder coated to coordinate with the appearance of any building, the shutters utilise a compact roller-box design to minimise the visual impact while allowing easy use by individual manual operation, electrically-powered operation or group control from a single switch. A popular profile for a neat finish.


Min Width: 500mm
Max Width: 4000mm
Max Height: 5000mm
Max Area: 12sqm
Material: Extruded Aluminium / 8kg/m²
Operation (Max Area m²)





Single Phase Electric Operation (12)
Manual Spring/Hand Assisted (7)
Rod Crank (3.5)
Geared Belt (3)


White / Brown / Cream or RAL / BS Powder Coat Option



Sentry 38 Roller Shutter

Sentry 38 Roller Shutter

Sentry 38 Roller Shutter

Sentry 38 Roller Shutter