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SeceuroGlide Roller Garage Door   

SeceuroGlide protects your home from the outside world with a uniquely effective weatherproofing sealing system, built-in insulation and an ultra-secure locking system, while inside the tightly coiled curtain sections provide the maximum space for parking and storage.

The standard SeceuroGlide Insulated Roller Garage Door comes complete with full remote control operation and includes an automatic bottom slat sensor which detects if the operating door is obstructed. Manual over-ride is a standard feature of every electrically operated SeceuroGlide.

SeceuroGlide's section roller construction also offers the unique option of the removal and repair of damaged sections if required, without the need to replace the whole door. SeceuroGlide is the powered garage door you've asked for; secure, safe, fully insulated, good looking, convenient and quiet to use and above-all affordable to buy.


Min Width: 1500mm
Max Width: 6000mm
Max Height: 3800mm
Max Area: 16sqm
Material: Aluminium
Finishes: 15 Paint or Wood effect finishes


SeceuroGlide Garage Door

SeceuroGlide Control Panel with Courtesy Light

SeceuroGlide locking comb - A self-adjusting locking mechanism is incorporated into the axle assembly. As the SeceuroGlide closes, a high tensile bolt engages with the lock comb to secure the door.