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Sentry 80v Roller Shutter

The Sentry80v extruded aluminium slat is punched providing vision for medium security commercial and retail applications.

This extruded aluminium slat delivers up to 60% vision with an option of Polycarbonate glazed inserts to form a solid barrier whilst still offering high visibility of retail area. It can span up to 6000mm and the slat can be mixed with a solid slat when only partial vision is required.

Sentry80 shutters are supplied with Aluminium coil casings and matching fascia panels all polyester powder coated. Manually or electrically operated. Shutters can be operated by 12v key switches or radio controlled via hand held transmitters


Min Width: 900mm
Max Width x Height 6000mm x 5000mm
Max Area:


Material: Extruded Aluminium / 9.25kg/m²
White / Brown
RAL / BS Powder Coat Option




Sentry 80V on retail outlet Brickbond pattern

Sentry 80V inline pattern with Polycarbonate glazing