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Steel Door Security Products

Choose from our range of steel doors.

Combat M1 Combat M1 is a general purpose security steel door available with a very large selection of options and extras so each door can be tailor-made to customer requirements. (read more)
Fire Exit Fire Exit is a versatile fire exit steel door available as a single, leaf and half and double doorset. Individually designed and made to order. (read more)
FC240 This steel fire check door has been developed to provide a certified range of fire rated personnel and fire exit security doors. The range has been independently tests by Chiltern International Fire to BS476:Part 22 1987 for a minimum of 4 hours fire resistance. (read more)
Combat M3 A high security door certified by the LCPB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3 is suitable for all high security requirements including personnel and fire exit doors. (read more)
Communal Entrance Doors Combining an attractive and secure main entrance to any building, the range is designed to withstand heavy use and vandalism. (read more)
Sub-station /Louvred Doors

Designed for boiler rooms, electrical sub-stations and even communal bin stores, each door is custom made to suit the opening and application. (read more)