Sentry 15 Lightweight roller shutter

The Sentry 15 is a lightweight and compact roller shutter with CFC free foam filled aluminium slat. The small shutter box and neat finish makes them ideal for many low to medium risk internal bar and serveries.

Economically priced, with effective heat and sound insulation. This attribute makes them ideal for shading and light control. The lightweight nature of the shutter also makes them very suitable for manual operation. Counterbalance spring is a popular form of operation with bottom slat key lock or internal shoot bolts employed to secure the curtain.

However, electric operation with automatic locking is often preferred on larger shutters and for multiple installations. Due to the foam filled slat the Sentry 15 is only available in white, brown and cream.


Min Width: 500mm
Max Width x Height: 3400mm x 4000mm
Max Area: 8sqm
Material: Insulated Rolled Aluminium / 4.5kg/m²

Operation (Max Area M2)

  • Single Phase Electric Operation (8)
  • Manual Spring/Hand Assisted (6)
  • Rod Crank (6.5)
  • Geared Belt (5.5) *
  • Swivel Belt (3.3) *

* This is a low security option

Finishes: White / Brown / Cream