Combat M3

A high security door certified by the LCPB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3 is suitable for all high security requirements including personnel and fire exit doors.

The Combat 3 has many unique design features. The door is manufactured from 1.5mm Zinc coated steel folded to a leaf depth of 66mm and has an internal reinforcement system which adds strength without additional bulk.

The frame is manufactured from 2mm Zinc coated steel in a depth of 110mm. The frame has the hinge chassis system which provides increased rigidity in the hinge area and integral mounting plates.

The reinforced locking area comes with a leading edge Triple Protection Anti-Jimmy strip for defence against attack from a crowbar or other similar lever-type implements.

Each and every door comes complete with 6 Grade 13 Stainless Steel hinges and 9 solid steel dog bolts.

Combat M3 doors come with a range of certified options, including high quality heavy duty hardware, vision panels, and punched louvers.