Combat M1 Steel Door

Combat M1 is a general purpose security steel door available with a large selection of options and extras so each door can be tailor-made to customer requirements.

The Combat M1can achieve LPCB LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 on single outward opening doors.


This Multi Locking steel door is economically priced and gives a high level of security. Together with the anti-jimmy strip, the steel doors are fitted with a 7 point lock with 1 or 2 lever handles, and escutcheon plates with a euro cylinder. The steel door also comes with 7 dog bolts, this together with the lock give the door 14 locking points within the frame.

The steel doors are manufactured from 1.2mm Zintec treated steel to resist corrosion, and the leaf is 45mm thick. All the steel doors have a bonded dufaylite honeycomb core that give the steel doors great rigidity.

The frame is made from 1.5mm thick Zintec coated steel and comes with draught seals. A minimum of 4 BS EN 1935 20002 grade 13 stainless steel hinges are fitted (6 on larger doors) with a DDA compliant threshold.

The steel doors can be supplied in a Grey Prima finish for site painting (within 24 hours) or with a standard powder coated coloured finish with a 2 year anti-corrosion warranty.

A large number of door furniture options are available:

  • Sashlocks
  • Deadlocks with pull handles
  • Door closer
  • Spy viewer
  • Vision panels
  • Kick plates
  • Letter box.