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Industrial Roller Shutter

Champion Timber had a problem getting their delivery trucks loaded and away early in the morning as they could only load one truck at a time from the rear of the warehouse. This meant that the other delivery trucks had to wait their turn before loading. This was frustrating for the company and for their customers.

After discussing the issues with the client, we decided to form an additional opening so that two trucks could be loaded at the same time, halving the current loading time. We also decided to replace the old swing gates with new SteelGuard industrial roller shutters on the old and new opening.

The new opening was formed and the new 3 phase SteelGuard industrial roller shutter was installed while the existing opening continued to be used for loading as normal. This reduced the disruption to the company and their clients.

Once the new opening was up and running we turned our attention to the existing opening and installed a new 3 phase SteelGuard industrial roller shutter. To keep the fire officer happy, we installed a fire exit steel pedestrian door with a panic bar release, to provide an easy, emergency exit for staff when the shutters are closed.

Client: AW Champions

Location: New Maldon, Surrey

Scope of works: Install two new Steel-Guard industrial roller shutters.

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